Tips for Sensitive Skin


New-born skin is ultra-delicate and very sensitive so it needs to be cared for slightly differently to older skin. The chemicals found in many lotions and creams can cause irritation and dryness in such delicate skin and even residue washing powders which can be found on clothes or even bedding can bring discomfort to your baby.

The good news is that there are some quite easy tricks and work arounds to help keep your baby’s skin soft and to help prevent eczema flare ups and irritated skin.

–          It may seem obvious, but wash all new clothing before your baby wears them. The manufacturing process can leave all sorts of residues which could affect their delicate skin. Washing their clothes separately to the rest of the family washing also means you can use products especially made for delicate skin.

–          Bathing is enjoyable for both you and baby, however, too much bathing can strip essential natural oils from your baby’s skin and can lead to problems in the future. New-born babies don’t really get grubby, so, except for when they are teething or during nappy changes, a sponge bath a couple of times a week is probably sufficient.

–          Speaking of nappy changes, instead of using conventional nappy wipes, cotton wool dipped in warm water will clean your baby without adding extra, potentially harmful, chemicals to their skin.

–          Nappy rash is usually caused by wearing a wet or soiled nappy for too long. Using bamboo cloth nappies, as well as being naturally antibacterial and super soft, are ideal for sensitive baby skin as they don’t contain any of the chemicals found in disposable nappies. Regular nappy changing is par for the course with a baby, so it makes sense to do it the best we can.

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