Bright Bots Training Pants

Super Soft Cloth

Essential for those little accidents while potty training, the washable training pants are available in a variety of colours & sizes.

How do they work?

Bright Bot Training Pants have a plastic layer which protects against small leaks, giving your child confidence and protecting their clothes.

In a variety of fun, bright colours, Bright Bots Training Pants help your child get used to wearing pants – and, as they are thinner than nappies, they help your child feel just like one of the ‘big children’!

Why Use Cloth Training Pants?

Bright Bots Training Pants are great for children who are starting to use the toilet but need a few extra moments to get there. They are shaped just like normal pants so they help your child get used to wearing underpants rather than nappies.

Cloth training pants are washable, meaning less disposable nappies going to landfill, and can save you money too. Your child will also know when they are wet and it will help them learn control.