Things To Do This Summer With Young Children


Currently many children have been taught at home for the last 12 weeks so the thought of having the usual summer holidays start in a few weeks might seem a bit daunting. A lot of the activities we usually would do with our children during the summer may even still be under restrictions as we move into the summer months, so we’ve put our heads together to think of suggestions to keep our little ones occupied, no matter what age they are or what the weather is like.

1. We’re not a camping sort of family (I do like a comfy bed!) but we recently bought two small popup tents for the garden. We had a boys tent and a girls tent, and although it was a little chilly once it was dark, it was great fun. The boys used camp beds and sleeping bags in their tent, while our daughter and I used mattresses from their old toddler beds and our double duvet in ours. It wasn’t your traditional camping experience, but having croissants for breakfast outside made it as close as we needed.

2. We used the tents as little reading booths out of the sun for the next few days before putting them away. The children then realised they liked having a shelter in the garden, so with a few carefully positioned garden chairs, we used blankets to make a den. It looked quite Moroccan with an open side and a broom holding the door up, but they loved playing out there! It took a while to collect the building materials and a while longer to do the actual building, so all in all, it kept them busy for most of an afternoon! Obviously if the weather isn’t quite so lovely, using blankets and indoor chairs, even sofa cushions, can make an exciting fort den.

3. Embrace those Hama Beads! These classic little beads are great fun for little hands and big imaginations. Once the children have made their designs on the peg board, you carefully iron them to stick the beads together and once they are cool, you can use them to make fridge magnets, keyrings or other little plaques. We have quite a few coasters, and we have enjoyed making little hearts for friends during the lockdown. Making little gifts for friends and neighbours has helped the children remember that we all need support at this time.

This pandemic has changed so many aspects of our life, but one thing is certain, working as a team and enjoying our time together can keep us all happy. Regularly washing our hands and observing the various restrictive measures such as social distancing can help keep us safe.

We have more ideas for keeping both young and old entertained, so look out for our next blog post. Don’t forget to send us any of your suggestions or plans for the summer!