Well, That’s The Summer Holidays Sorted!


Summer is a great time for spending time outdoors and exploring. With the weather as favourable as it has been the last few weeks, we’ve managed to tick a few more activities off National Trusts 50 Things list. These are our favourites for summer:

11 – Go on a really long bike ride

There are loads of cycle routes around the country, from purpose made tracks like The Five Pits Trail near Chesterfield to the countless towpaths along canals through towns and cities. We used The AA to find local routes, and because you can choose difficulty and length, you can tailor it to your youngest rider!

3 – Camp out in the wild

And by ‘wild’, we clearly mean, ‘in the garden’! A little adventure (but with nearby toilets and a kettle to keep everyone happy) is perfect for spicing up the school holidays! Starting it off with an evening barbecue and ending with breakfast by the tent makes it feel like a real holiday!

27 – Go stargazing

If you’re already camping out (see above) this one is an easy addition. Most of the famous constellations are visible and easy to point out, even with street lighting. This makes a great ‘calm down’ session before bedtime.

41 – Plant it, grow it, eat it

There are so many vegetables that are relatively quick and easy to grow in a garden. We currently have various vegetables growing pots in the conservatory (the chickens find them too alluring to have them outside) and different herbs in the garden (they don’t seem to like herbs that much, which is odd, but useful!). Our children love watering and harvesting the vegetables, they get very excited when something is ripe – what about yours?

48 – Learn to ride a horse

I’ll be honest, we’ve not done this one yet, though our daughter is desperate to learn! This school holiday might be when her dream comes true – there is nothing better than an autumnal hack, so we’ve got a few months to get ourselves sorted!

What about you? Have you managed to do many of the 50 Activities? If the weather stays fine, this school holiday could be the best yet! Let us know which your favourite summer activities are!