Starting School in September?


Starting school is a major step in growing up, both for little ones and for us as parents. Seeing your ‘baby’ go off to school is probably one of the most difficult things to cope with, other than when they grow out of your favourite baby outfit of course!

Everyone in the Daizy office are parents and we’ve asked around for some tips and tricks that helped make the transition a little easier. Here you have our favourite 6:

1. Be positive

In the run up to September, no matter how you are feeling inside, speak positively about school to your child. When you are looking for uniforms, shoes and bags, talk about how much they will learn and enjoy it, the new children to play with. If they have older siblings, talk about the fun that they had at school, how they learnt to read, the books they had etc. The work you put in now will help once they start school in September.

2. Label everything

Panicking about losing belongings was quite high on our list so label everything. Absolutely everything. With the average class size at 30 and everyone in uniform, there are bound to be a lot of similar sizes, which makes reuniting a lost shoe or jumper to its rightful owner trickier than usual. Labelling absolutely everything keeps the process simpler and means you don’t have to spend time rummaging around in the lost property box. When my son started school I even labelled his shoes (no mean feat!) as almost every boy in his class had the same style!

3. No valuables

Although you might want your little one to know what time it is, the chances of them coming home with their watch is quite slim. Likewise, they might want to take their favourite teddy, but can you imagine losing it?! Children put things down and forget about them, so keeping personal, valuable items to a minimum will help keep them safe – plus, again, it means you don’t have to spend 20 minutes trying to find their belongings at the end of school!

4. Bright Bots Training Pants

This might seem an odd addition to the list, however, quite a few parents said that although their little one was using the toilet without a problem at home, once they were concentrating in class they didn’t notice the urge until it was almost too late. Bright Bots training pants have a hidden waterproof layer which helps protect clothes and gives a few extra moments to run to the toilet.

5. Remember PE day

PE day is always fun, a chance to learn new sports and work as a team – but the problems start once everyone is back inside getting dressed. From fastening buttons on shirts to untangling legs and tights, the teachers really have their work cut out! Help both adult and child by sending your child in easy to put on clothing on PE day: polo shirt instead of shirt if possible, socks instead of tights etc. And obviously label absolutely everything!

6. Don’t hang around!

I think this one is the absolute hardest. Finding the line between making sure your little one is settled and leaving them in the capable hands of the teachers can be tricky. Some children are excited to learn (like our son) and others would just like another cuddle for confidence (our daughter).

Remember that each child is different but also that the teachers will have seen lot of children start school and will have a couple of their own tricks up their sleeve! Most say that once their parents have gone, the child concentrates on the activities with everyone else. Not to say that you shan’t go home and feel a bit quiet….

School is a big step but think of all the fun you’ll have reading together, playing together and working through tricky maths together in the future!

If you have any extra tips or tricks to share, please let us know!