Potty Training – Is it time?


Is it time to move on?

There are so many benefits to using cloth nappies with your baby: the reduced waste, the reduced cost, the gentleness on your babys skin and of course, the cuteness of a big fluffy bottom! At some point, though, you must move on from nappies and start toilet training with your child.

If the time is right, there are a several signs that your toddler is ready to start using the toilet or potty. If you already use cloth nappies, these will already be helping them become more aware the cause/effect of needing to go to the toilet.

How will I know?

Here are 8 indications that your child is ready to start potty training. If your child can do 3 of the following, it might be time to give potty training a go.

1. Your child can stay dry for at least two hours at a time or is dry after a daytime nap.
2. Your child tells you that wearing a wet nappy is uncomfortable, and that they need/want changing.
3. Your child asks if they can use the potty or the toilet.
4. You generally know when your child is likely to have a poo.
5. Your child asks to wear training pants or normal pants.
6. Your child can understand and follow simple instructions, like ‘bring me the wipes, please’.
7. Your child can use words to let you know they need a wee or a poo.
8. Your child can put on some of their clothes on without help (e.g. shorts or pull on skirt).

Obviously, there is no set time for starting or even completing the transition from nappy to pants, and it really isn’t something you can force. My son got the hang of it almost instantly and was dry just after his 2nd birthday, my daughter took considerably longer and still had the occasional leak age 4!

The main message is: If you start toilet training but it doesn’t go well, don’t panic. Leave it a while and try again. Just like walking, they will get the hang of it eventually!

Does it have to be stressful?

In a nutshell, no it doesn’t. Bear in mind that up to this point, your little one hasn’t had to think about when or where they go to the toilet. They now must concentrate and realise that the sensation they are feeling requires action.

Every minute counts on the run to the toilet (I once had to run across an airport when our first son said he needed the toilet before checking in!) so regularly checking with your child can help them become aware of when they start to need the toilet.

Bright Bots Training Pants incorporate a PUL layer to help protect from little accidents. Bright Bots are not designed for multiple accidents, they don’t absorb urine or keep the skin dry as nappies do, but the PUL layer will stop small leaks, avoiding a complete outfit change every time.

Contrary to disposable training pants, these Bright Bots training pants are washable, reusable and are shaped just like ‘grown up’ pants. With both a selection of colours and sizes, these training pants are great for potty training.

We will look at other ways to help smooth out the transition in the next few posts, so don’t forget to check back!