Get Ready for Zero Plastic Week 2015


Zero Plastic Week 2015 is fast approaching! Could you have a plastic free week from 8th to 14th June? What does it entail?

Basically cutting out the use of any new plastic from your life for that week, be it fruit and vegetable packaging, carrier bags for shopping, plastic cups for coffee or plastic nappies. While you are able to use your existing plastic products such as your toothbrushes or toys, the idea is to encourage households to eliminate the purchasing of any new plastic items for that week.

Why is zero plastic week important?

While most plastic items that we use and buy, such as packaging on veg, are only used for a short period of time (for example for the trip from the supermarket to our fridge, or at the most to the day we consume them), the time taken for plastic to decompose is on average 450 years with disposable nappies taking up to 500 years! Not only is space in our landfills running out, but an increased amount of ocean rubbish is quickly clogging up and polluting our waters, and the life within them, each year. Zero Plastic Week encourages people to use more clear and green objects and respect our environment more, dwelling on their consequences from choosing the fastest, most convenient root for their needs.

 No plastic for a whole week. Impossible?!? Well not in reality, there are many ways in which you can take part in zero nappy week and succeed. For instance, try buying from a market that sells vegetables loosely or in paper bags, and take along a shopping tote instead of using a carrier bag. Pack your lunch in paper bags, instead of cling film wrap or a plastic lunchbox. Try taking a reusable coffee mug to your favourite coffee shop in the morning and asking for it to be refilled instead of using a throw-away coffee cup. Make sure you recycle any existing plastic or recyclable materials correctly wherever possible, to reduce the amount of rubbish heading for landfills.

What can you do? If you are a parent wanting to take part in Zero Plastic Week in June 2015, why not try your little one in our ecological shaped bamboo nappies? Our nappies are just as easy to change as disposables, with adjustable Vecro tabs that enable the nappy to grow with your baby. Your only responsibility is to wash the nappy when you take it off instead of adding to the growing pile of plastic nappies in the landfills. Daizy Babies’ real nappy system can save you money and help the environment at the same time. Our nappy packs come in trial, starter and 10 packs, providing enough nappies to use all the time or just on a trial basis, such as for Zero Plastic Week. Our nappies provide many benefits to your baby as well as to the environment, like being naturally antibacterial, cooler and more breathable on their skin, and are completely free of harsh chemicals.

Get involved with Zero Plastic Week 2015 with Daizy’s help.