Cloth Nappies & Winter, Our Top Tips (part 2!)


Winter can make drying cloth nappies a bit tricker than normal, so we’ve gathered together more suggestions and tips for drying reusable nappies even in the most inclement of weather. Last time we looked at the benefits of taking advantage of even the smallest amount of sunlight, of the spin cycle on your washing machine and of drying nappies overnight.

This time we see three other ways to dry washable nappies, whatever the weather.

  • Keep some in reserve

Using cloth diapers save you time and money, especially during the holidays when your shopping trolley is probably already piled high. That being said, having a few extra nappies on hand for slow drying days is always a good idea. Ensuring you have enough to have some on, some clean and some drying will keep mean you shouldn’t have that late-night nappy panic!

Daizy Babies Bamboo 2-part cloth nappies are great for this because the waterproof outer dries a lot quicker than the bamboo fibre nappy. Having extra cloth nappies in your cupboard keeps everything running smoothly as, if necessary, the outers can be used twice before washing.

  • Finish off in tumble dryer

Drying outside is obviously the preferable choice, but during winter, sunlight is less and warmth even less. When your nappies are almost dry (after the whole day out on the line, sigh) a few minutes on a low setting in your tumble dryer will help finish them off.

The heat of the tumble dryer can damage the bamboo fibre and affect the absorbency, however, a little bit of emergency use combined with the cooler setting can keep you to routine.

  • Take each day at a time

Sometimes the weather is completely against you, but don’t be disheartened. Washable nappies are great for the environment and every reusable nappy that you use is a step in the right direction. What if it becomes too much to cope with? Don’t panic! An emergency disposable nappy or two when you’ve had a bit of a ‘logistics issue’ with the washing is not the end of the world.

Don’t forget, even if you only used 1 cloth nappy per day would mean 365 less nappies in landfill.

  • Enjoy it!

Most of our moms use a combination of all of these tips, which helps them continue to love using cloth nappies.

Finding the best way of drying cloth nappies that works for you is the key, and sometimes you need to be a bit creative. Now you’ve seen all of our moms tips, how about you? Send us an email and let us know if you have any other hints or tips.